With our air-cushioned knee pads,
your knees "never hit the floor".

Over 27 years in selling this proven product!

Kneel Rite Knee Pads
WON'T mark your flooring.

Oil and Water Resistant

Kneel Rite Knee Pads

Kneel-Rite Knee pads are a must have for anyone installing paving stones or if you spend any time on your knees during your day. Using Kneel-Rite Knee pads have proven very beneficial to installers in the roofing business. Flat roofers and shingle installers benefit from the comfort and flat type of stability that the product offers.

Enjoy gardening? Don't let sore knees ruin your passion, by using Kneel-Rite Air Cushioned Knee Pads they can make gardening FUN again. Our knee pads are also useful when kneeling in your canoe or sailing, saving the wear and tear on your knees. Kneel-Rite Pads are water resistant, durable and they float! At the end of your water activities you won't have to go home and put your legs up. Try using Kneel-Rite Knee Pads and see how glad you are that you did!!

Our knee pads are as comfortable three years down the road as they were the FIRST day you first put them on!

Canadian Made

27 Years in selling this proven product.
We are a family owned business.
Located in Ariss, ON.

Construction Industry

Owner has been in the construction renovation industry for 40 years. Finally found a product that has proven to help his knees.

Well Being

We focus on the well being on individuals and how much your knees will thank you for purchasing this item!

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